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Cycling Club is about many things but first and foremost it's about practicing and believing in your own abilities. Join us on one of our meetups and see what it's like to have a real team by your side.



BCN London Chapter meet every Saturday in Regents Park at 8am. We begin at the London Zoo Car Park. 

Ride Captains open by welcoming riders and going over the Golden Rules.

After riders are grouped by level. From G1 (riding at speeds of 20mph+)  to G4 (newer to group riding, working on skill based exercises).

Between 8-10am we complete laps round the inner or outer circle.

Focusing on drills for:

  • Group riding

  • Building confidence

  • Cycling spacial awareness

  • Efficient riding

  • Communication and more...

We regroup at the end, cooldown and catchup at the cafe.  

BCN Womens 100 winsor pic.jpeg


The events team have created a calendar of Epic Rides. An Epic Ride is when BCN London Club head out to cover miles to desired location and put into practise the skills gained on Saturday group rides.

Destinations include

  • Windsor

  • Richmond Park

  • Mayfield Farm

  • Brighton

  • Chilterns

This year the membership can expect new fresh destinations. Watch this space ...



TUESDAY HILL REPS - South London session and North London session, you choose. 

Both sides of the river have climbs which will challenge your legs on the climb and concentration on the descent.

  • Swains Lane

  • Highgate Hill

  • Cudham Hill

  • Clarks Lane

THURSDAY LAPS - Mid-Week Regent Park Laps (Summer Only). Members work on pace, formation and breaking PB's (Personal Best). We ride together till what Mani, has coined 'THE PURGE'. The purge is a when you empty your tank, till your the last person riding or you get purged and dropped. The aim is to push yourself each week against your personal best.

Think You vs. You

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